TK Kirkland: Nas had Poorest Work Ethic for a Superstar, That's Why Jay-Z Won (Part 6)

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In this clip, T.K. Kirkland discussed the importance of respect. He spoke about respecting the talent of fellow comedian Jamie Foxx and how he is the most talented comedian in his opinion. However, T.K. said that Jamie could've been even better if he had struggled a bit more for his success.

He also weighed in on Lonzo Ball's comments about Nas, saying that he should be more respectful of his elders though he did have a few criticisms of Nas. T.K. believed that Nas' work ethic is what held him back from reaching the status JAY-Z has reached. T.K. went as far as to say that Nas has the worst work ethic of any superstar - ouch. T.K. hammered home the idea of working hard and seizing opportunities like he said he has by appearing on platforms such as VladTV to bolster his profile.

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